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 Mystuff collections

MyStuff's first collection is Quimera. We wanted to create some unreal characters that come together to represent a chimera, or 'quimera'. Our goal is not only to design products but also to tell stories, so each of the characters in this collection has his name, and with it, his own story and personality. This is a collection in evolution, as the tribe is growing and more characters are being added to its family.

Concept and design by Federica Sala. Illustrations by Mafalda Neves. Photos by Daydream_Foto.


Walden is definitely the leader of the bunch, and is always there in moments of crisis. He listens to everyone’s problems and with a puff of smoke, is always able to offer some grandfatherly advice.



Wheelson is the group’s resident busybody; not only because he’s constantly on the move but also because he’s always got an eye out on what everyone is up to, and loves to spread the gossip.



Shebird is the local coquette, always tip-tapping around in her heels and arranging her feathers, ready to chat and bat her eyelashes at a moment’s notice.



Octaviat is this family’s society queen, always quietly observing those around her. But though she may seem aloof, she’s always willing to lend a helping tentacle to those who may need it.